INDG is looking for a 2D Designer and an Art Director in Amsterdam.

People of INDG believe that all physical objects such as toothbrushes, sculptures (and of course those weird toys you always wondered about) should be modeled in 3D.

If this succeeds, life is going to be more fun for people and profitable for businesses.

To this end, INDG has been digitising whole product portfolios of companies like Philips, Electrolux or Yamaha for future use in packaging, advertising, interactive and who knows what else. We've been also doing some wicked 3D jobs for Adidas, Honda and other big guys.


Check this out. It's been created using INDG's very own site engine called PEX. It works on all devices, smartly degrading performance for slow connections. Such websites bump conversion numbers immensely—people love playing with objects before purchase.

You could also download one of the Yamaha MyGarage apps from the App Store or Google Play. These apps have been created to pimp up Yamaha bikes with accessories and colours in real-time 3D. The best part, of course, is one can buy the bike afterwards.

In the augmented reality department, we have Amikasa, one of the best house furnishing apps on the market and Honda AR Experience (iOS, Android) — a markerless AR bike app with dynamic lighting. Both are quite popular.

This video shot for Electrolux is rather curious. Once filmed, it was re-used several times for different models of vacuum cleaners. We often combine live shooting and CG to produce nice and clear product videos.
As a designer, you'll be creating apps and sites for our clients, both UX & UI. Besides that, INDG has a number of internal projects and initiatives, such as updating our (long outdated) website and identity.

If you're applying for the art-directorial position, you are expected to guide a team of four designers, be responsible and accountable for everything they deliver, plan your and their time and defend concepts both internally and to the clients.

Both position presuppose excellent spoken and written English.
The Netherlands has a minimum legal wage for highly skilled migrants. If you're younger than 30, it's €3,108 gross per month. If you're older, it's €4,240. You also get a month of paid leave and holiday allowance (aka the 13th salary). Using this as a basis, we'll negotiate depending on your portfolio, skills, experience and desired position.
Relocating? INDG is ready to take care of everything. The Dutch aren't fans of bureaucracy, so the process is relatively straightforward and quick. You can bring your spouse or a civil partner and children. Your partner gets the right to work automatically.

Renting an apartment in Amsterdam is around €1,500 with a commute time of 15—20 mintues by tram or bike. If you're prepared to commute for 70 minutes or so, you can also rent an apartment outside of Amsterdam, say in the city of Utrecht. In this case, the rent will be considerably lower, starting from €500 with an average of €800.

You should also expect to pay for a medical insurance, which is €100—€150 per month.

English is extremely wide-spread, you'll have a very hard time finding someone who doesn't speak it, so language barrier is not an issue.
Liked what you saw? Send a portfolio! Design work in other languages than English is perfectly okay. If we like your portfolio, we'll answer in a week or less.
If we don't, we'll also answer.
INDG's office is located at Raamplein 1, right in the liver of Amsterdam (because bars, right). We share the building with Warner Brothers, which is quite cool. Official work hours are 9:00—5:30. Overtime is very rare, once in a couple of months or so. INDG provides lunch and dinner if you're staying after 5:30. Coffee, milk, Coke etc. are always available—as is beer on Fridays.
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