Yes, Honda fans were able to look at a life-size model of the new Africa Twin in all its glory long before the bike was physically available.
Meet the tech.
AR. From OGs of CG.
Custom shaders
...allowed to define surface properties for each material used on the bike such as small surface details and lighting changes
Smart reflections
...implemented by capturing and analysing visuals from the device camera.
Ambient occlusion used to approximate how bright light should be shining on any specific part of a surface, based on the light and its environment.
Markerless technology
allows everyone to see the bike immediately in any environment with no need to print out a marker
Meet the legend.
The one and only Honda Africa Twin.
Early Years
In 1984 Honda released the NXR750, specifically designed for races of extreme hardship and endurance, the bike was ahead of the competition in every way and was the first water cooled motorcycle to win Paris-Dakar.
Gaining Fame
The bike went on to dominate the race in the mid-late 80's, winning the event four times
The Original Africa Twin
In 1988 Honda released the Africa Twin, inspired by the NXR750 and quickly established its place amongst adventure motorcyclists and commuters all over the world. The bike continued to increase in popularity until production stopped in 2003
The original Africa Twin can still be seen riding the world today with the bikes proven reliability, ease of repair and responsive chassis has helping to maintain its place amongst the adventure motorcyclist and commuters all over the world
In 2015, Honda announced that the legendary bike would be making a return, adding a new bike to it's range with real world off-road capability in mind without compromising touring comfort and everyday agility.
'Honestly one of my favorite projects ever. Sad part, moments after launch you realize you also had a life once but your friends left you.'
the project manager behind the Honda Africa Twin app.
Meet the Company.
Where talent matches the challenge.
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